Important Website Notice - Please Read

- 15.04.14

Please note that there has been a delay to the files we receive which update the holdings and cash balances in your portfolios with us. This means that any data you see on the website or on 7IMagine may be as at close of business on Friday 11 April 2014. ... More

The Effect of People Power

- 11.04.14

Elections are strange beasts. Some we regard with admiration but others seem to induce merely a yawn of indolence. By way of example, I was in awe of those brave women going out ... More

IMF upgrades UK Growth Forecast

- 11.04.14

The International Monetary Fund published its twice-yearly economic outlook this week. Compared to a year ago, it was a very different picture for the UK and Emerging Markets in particular. ... More

Global Month Ahead - April 2014

- 07.04.14

Growth is promising, unemployment remains steady at around 7%, and inflation is bubbling along below 2%. Additionally, pressure from the government is easing, ... More

Japan - What are we waiting for?

- 07.04.14

Since the start of 2014, the Japanese equity market has been one of the worst performing, falling by 7.5%.  We remain at around a double overweight in our portfolios.  ... More

Q2 Global Investment Update - 1 April 2014


Why 7IM

What Makes Us Different?

We set up 7IM to do something different - and to change what we saw around the investment management industry, which was often focussed on itself and not on its clients.

We believe that it is a privilege to look after people's money - and not a right.

So we wanted a business that aligned us with our clients:

  • no transaction commissions in running 7IM portfolios
  • independent knowledge and expertise
  • a single fee for family discretionary portfolios - not multiple costs and charges
  • make it as clear and straightforward as possible so that clients can understand what is happening to their hard earned monies.