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We're 7IM, an investment management business that helps individuals and their families manage their capital to meet their financial needs, and aspirations.

We look after more than £8 billion of their money, as well as our own, with more than 170 of our people taking care of it and them.

Whilst many of our clients ask us to take an active role in managing their portfolio, we also cater for those who want to make their own decisions.

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Q2 2015 7IM Global Investment Update


Are we overheating yet? How can we tell?

10.04.15 - Domestically we are all used to signs of overheating - with everything from the kettles squealing, boiling saucepan lids clattering and even mopping our own brows when we realise that the sun has come out at last.

Giving it all away! How about making it!

- 24.04.15

Now I must remain politically neutral (apparently) but it is not difficult to pick out a consistent theme amongst most of the political leaders and that, of course, has been their spending plans.  ... More

China Easing

- 21.04.15

The People's Bank of China has lowered  the amount of cash banks must hold as reserves, significantly improving liquidity in the world's second-biggest economy. ... More

Do not trust the horse, Trojans.

- 17.04.15

So we finally come to what looks like the end of the poker game, and so far no one has blinked. One side bets that surely the other won't be so stupid and the other bets - well the same. ... More

Chinese Shares Going Global

- 13.04.15

China is a country where descriptive numbers often require a few more zeros on the end: there are 1.4 billion people, using 300 million smartphones and drinking coffee in over 50,000 coffee shops (in a culture where coffee isn't particularly popular). ... More

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