Investors are now in uncharted territory and the Pound has proved to be the pressure point as we expected and has fallen significantly against all major currencies. UK and European stock markets have also reacted poorly. 

Managing Brexit risk

Read our latest market update or listen to our Chief Investment Officer, Chris Darbyshire, discuss the results in more detail here.

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7IM Update - The EU Referendum What s Next?



24.06.16 - Tom Sheridan, CEO, and Chris Darbyshire, Chief Investment Officer, discuss the immediate aftermath of the UK population's decision to leave the EU.  Markets have reacted badly and we expect the Brexit vote to continue to heavily influence sentiment over the next few days.

BREXIT: Market Reaction

- 28.06.16

In a historic vote that has ended months of speculation, the UK electorate has voted to leave the European Union (EU). While the speculation may have ended, the uncertainty has not. What will an exit from the EU mean, not just for the UK, but for Europe and beyond?  ... More

Currency diversification brings benefits

- 27.06.16

While the ramifications of the BREXIT vote are still being priced into markets - a situation that is likely to continue for at least this week if not beyond - we remain vigilant to market movements.  ... More

Brexit - Now for the hangover

- 27.06.16

Does leaving the EU entail more risks for Britain than opportunities? We are about to find out. What's already clear is that the risks will be priced very quickly, whereas the opportunities remain in the distant future.  ... More

The Votes are in...but what does that mean?

- 24.06.16

Three months of hard, rancorous campaigning are now over and the British public has voted for Britain to leave the European Union (EU). Investors are now in uncharted territory.    ... More

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