- 25.07.14

Almost seven years on from the onset of the global financial crisis, the UK economy has completely recovered the lost output it suffered due to the severity of the recession. ... More

UK Unemployment

- 18.07.14

Unemployment in the UK has fallen to its lowest level in almost 6 years - underlying the strength of the UK economic recovery. ... More

Britain isn't so shoddy either

- 18.07.14

Well done Germany; it was a well deserved victory. After humbling Brazil, Germany has yet again shown its footballing prowess; whilst we have to ... More

Espirito Santo

- 14.07.14

Fears of a return to a Euro crisis were touted this week as markets woke up to the problems of Portugal's Espirito Santo. ... More

Where we are seeing property opportunities

- 11.07.14

As the global recovery continues, and the upswing starts to be felt more widely across the UK, investors are seeing the effects in property markets too, both residential and commercial. ... More

Q3 2014 Global Investment Update


Why 7IM

What Makes Us Different?

We set up 7IM to do something different - and to change what we saw around the investment management industry, which was often focussed on itself and not on its clients.

We believe that it is a privilege to look after people's money - and not a right.

So we wanted a business that aligned us with our clients:

  • no transaction commissions in running 7IM portfolios
  • independent knowledge and expertise
  • a single fee for family discretionary portfolios - not multiple costs and charges
  • make it as clear and straightforward as possible so that clients can understand what is happening to their hard earned monies.