UK Labour Market

- 22.04.14

Unemployment in the UK fell to its lowest rate in five years, highlighting the strength of the UK's economic recovery. ... More

The Effect of People Power

- 11.04.14

Elections are strange beasts. Some we regard with admiration but others seem to induce merely a yawn of indolence. By way of example, I was in awe of those brave women going out ... More

IMF upgrades UK Growth Forecast

- 11.04.14

The International Monetary Fund published its twice-yearly economic outlook this week. Compared to a year ago, it was a very different picture for the UK and Emerging Markets in particular. ... More

Global Month Ahead - April 2014

- 07.04.14

Growth is promising, unemployment remains steady at around 7%, and inflation is bubbling along below 2%. Additionally, pressure from the government is easing, ... More

Japan - What are we waiting for?

- 07.04.14

Since the start of 2014, the Japanese equity market has been one of the worst performing, falling by 7.5%.  We remain at around a double overweight in our portfolios.  ... More

Q2 Global Investment Update - 1 April 2014


Why 7IM

What Makes Us Different?

We set up 7IM to do something different - and to change what we saw around the investment management industry, which was often focussed on itself and not on its clients.

We believe that it is a privilege to look after people's money - and not a right.

So we wanted a business that aligned us with our clients:

  • no transaction commissions in running 7IM portfolios
  • independent knowledge and expertise
  • a single fee for family discretionary portfolios - not multiple costs and charges
  • make it as clear and straightforward as possible so that clients can understand what is happening to their hard earned monies.