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We're 7IM, an investment management business that helps individuals and their families manage their capital to meet their financial needs, and aspirations.

We look after more than £9 billion of their money, as well as our own, with more than 200 of our people taking care of it and them.

Whilst many of our clients ask us to take an active role in managing their portfolio, we also cater for those who want to make their own decisions.

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Q3 2015 Global Investment Update


Q4 2015 Asset Allocation Global Update

06.10.15 - Listen to Justin Urquhart Stewart, Ros Price and Alex Scott discuss their views from the latest quarterly Asset Allocation Committee meeting.

Challenging Complacency - Why we need an economic challenger

- 02.10.15

With the collapse of the centre left of the Labour Party, and the wholly unexpected rise of the left wing radicals, it has meant that much of the seriously challenging debate about the UK economy is quite likely to be lost.  ... More

The Chinese Economy

- 02.10.15

The new narrative building in markets, is that a bump upwards in Chinese 'hard data' (e.g. industrial production) over the coming months will be enough to ease the extreme global risk-off sentiment that currently pervades markets. ... More

Monthly Returns Update - October 2015

- 01.10.15

Welcome to Ben Kumar's Monthly Returns Update covering - The main global indices and 7IM fund performance. ... More

Some Autumn Planning

- 25.09.15

Well that was another summer of volatility fading into the mist and during the dog days of August it was China that filled the headlines and columns of the increasingly slim looking newspapers.  ... More

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