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We're 7IM, an investment management business that helps individuals and their families manage their capital to meet their financial needs, and aspirations.

We look after more than £7 billion of their money, as well as our own, with more than 170 of our people taking care of it and them.

Whilst many of our clients ask us to take an active role in managing their portfolio, we also cater for those who want to make their own decisions.

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Q1 2015 7IM Global Investment Update


Prices, interest rates, currencies and pegs – all seem to be falling

26.01.15 - How low can we go? Whether it was the dramatic withdrawal of the Swiss Franc peg to the Euro, with all its ramifications, or through to the less exciting reduction in Danish interest rates, it seems that we are now seeing a developing theme.

The New Normal?

- 30.01.15

The tiny teens - welcome to a lower, slower world of growth, interest rates, inflation and quite probably returns. As we are in the teenage years of the new century we can see how this decade is going to be very different from the 'noughties'. ... More

Fed Stays On Course

- 30.01.15

The Federal Reserve kept its options open to raise interest rates in June, as long as economic conditions permit. ... More

Moving East

- 28.01.15

At the end of June 2014 we felt most developed world equity markets had become less attractive: in the US, equity valuations were at a significant premium in comparison to other stock markets while the Draghi-inspired rally ... More


- 26.01.15

And then there was none. The European Central Bank (ECB) has become the last major central bank to undertake quantitative easing. ... More

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