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We're 7IM, an investment management business that helps individuals and their families manage their capital to meet their financial needs, and aspirations.

We look after more than £7 billion of their money, as well as our own, with more than 170 of our people taking care of it and them.

Whilst many of our clients ask us to take an active role in managing their portfolio, we also cater for those who want to make their own decisions.

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7IM Year in Review 2014


Stockmarket Winners & Losers of the Year (so far)

19.12.14 - Well I know it's not quite the end of the year yet but I thought we should have a look at some of the stock market leaders and laggers as we head for the holiday period.

Time to Embrace Deflation

- 19.12.14

Investors who pay attention to the FTSE 100 might be forgiven for thinking the sky is falling in. At a level of 6,400 as I write this, the FTSE 100 is down about 5% for the year. ... More

Switch Off to Switch Off

- 19.12.14

Well despite all our enthusiastic festivities, it looks as though 2015 will start in a world of worry. No doubt the newspapers will be labouring on the woes of the world and highlighting all the areas that could possibly go wrong. ... More

Market Inflation Expectations have fallen

- 19.12.14

On the surface, this week's Federal Reserve meeting went as expected; keep interest rates at near zero and reaffirm the Fed's commitment to keeping interest rates low until the economy can withstand a rise.  ... More

5 Year Record for the 7IM Personal Injury Fund

- 18.12.14

Welcome to the Seven Investment Management Update on the Personal Injury Fund. ... More

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