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Platform release - January 2022

In our first release of the new year, we have implemented several enhancements designed to help model portfolio users on the 7IM platform, in addition to some other improvements.

Here are the changes we have made in this release:

Linking a client to a DFM model without a rebalance
A new screen makes it easy for you to link and unlink clients to DFM models without initiating a rebalance.
No Paper
Online authorisation for DFM models
We now capture authorisation for DFM models online when a client is linked to a model, removing the necessity for an additional signed client form.
Increased DFM information at firm level
We’ve introduced a new firm level DFM models screen that shows all associated models available to the firm, the AUM in each, and when it was last rebalanced.
DFM model name in Client Review Reports
Our ad-hoc client review reports will now report the DFM model name when a client is invested.
DFM rebalance exclusions report update
We’ve updated this report to now include “reason why?” information and added an online notification to alert you to any exclusions following a rebalance.
DFM history report
You now can download a report showing you all your clients’ accounts that are currently linked to a DFM model with an audit trail of when they were linked/unlinked.
Weighted OCF in illustrations
Our illustrations now include a total weighted OCF figure in section 6 of the illustration for the investments selected.
Online W-8 form check for US securities
If you go to buy a US-listed security, we’ll now automatically check to see if we’ve received the appropriate W-8 form. If we don't have this, we’ll notify you on screen so that you can get your client to complete this before proceeding with the trade, speeding up the process.
Export valuations and transactions
Your clients can now quickly and easily export valuations and transactions in CSV format within the client portal, giving them this important information in just a few clicks.
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