Investment Objective

The investment objective of the 7IM Absolute Return Portfolio is to provide a positive capital return over a 12 month period, regardless of market conditions, with a low level of realised volatility. Capital is in fact at risk and there is no guarantee that a positive return will be achieved over a 12 month, or any, period.

Investment Process

The investment process focusses on identifying the drivers of risks and returns and is not constrained to investing in traditional asset classes. The Investment Manager has freedom to allocate to any asset class, driven by where it perceives attractive risk-return trade-offs over the time horizon of any investment.

What You Need To Consider

Prior to investing, you need to consider the level of risk you are prepared to take, how much growth you want to achieve, and over what time period. If you have a long time to grow your investments you might be able to ride out market ups and downs better than someone who needs their money in just 5 years. You should regularly reassess the suitability of your investments to ensure that they continue to meet your investment goals and suit your time horizon. You should be aware that there can be no guarantees. The value of investments may go up and down and you may get back less than you invested originally.


This fund is aimed at investors who have been able to identify their own risk tolerance, possibly using the services of a financial adviser and/or a risk tolerance questionnaire, and understand the potential range of returns, in the majority of scenarios, which this fund may experience, while acknowledging that these are in no way guaranteed. The fund should be considered to be a long term investment (at least three years) and is not appropriate for investors who are seeking guaranteed returns or no loss of capital over any time period.