7IM Model Portfolio Performance

Model Portfolio Performance

Source: 7IM/FE – The 7IM Model Portfolios do not sit in the IA sectors and the sectors are therefore offered as a comparison guide only. The 7IM Passive Model Portfolios launched on 12 March 2012 via the Ascentric Platform.


Key Benefits

  • Range of risk-rated model portfolios (onshore and offshore available)
  • Same investment processes that you can expect from 7IM - Active and Passive implementation
  • Management of risk is an integrated and active part of the investment decision making process
  • Published average annualised guideline returns to help you and your clients plan
  • Widely available on many leading platforms
  • Easy sign-up process
  • High level of adviser support including our portfolio review service

What makes our model portfolios different?

The 7IM Model Portfolios are risk rated portfolios which benefit from the same robust and disciplined investment processes that you can expect from 7IM. We use the same decision making process to decide the asset allocation that we use for our 7IM Asset Allocated Passive (AAP) Funds and Multi-Manager funds.

The process consists of a strategic analysis, combined with a tactical view. Portfolios are then adjusted every quarter to reflect the ever changing economic and market conditions.

Where are 7IM Model Portfolios available?
Our Model Portfolios are available on all of the leading industry platforms – see logos. Click the link below to find out more.

Fees and Charges on Platforms

Additionally, you can access the Model Portfolios on the 7IM Platform. Click the link below to find out more.

Fees and Charges on the 7IM Platform

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