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Diversity & Inclusion at 7IM

7IM is committed to developing a culture that is positive, inclusive, and supportive, to which all staff can contribute and within which all can reach their full potential. Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy was launched in 2020 and sets out our commitment and objectives in this area.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a key element in 7IM’s cultural development. Our D&I Working Group aims to champion initiatives that will make 7IM a more inclusive employer and deal with practices that exacerbate inequality and disparity amongst the workforce. It’s chaired by an ExCo member but driven by volunteers from within the firm from a range of backgrounds.

We published our D&I strategy and made it available to all colleagues, so they can hold the firm to account should it not achieve its objectives. The strategy focuses on two key areas: representation, and an inclusive culture.

In terms of improving representation, our current focus is on two key areas: gender and ethnic representation.

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