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Gender Equality Network

Our Gender Equality Network is a new initiative established in 2021 as a sub group of our D&I Committee.

The aim of the Gender Equality Network is to understand and address issues which may contribute to an imbalance in the gender make up of the company and ensure that we provide an environment in which everyone can succeed.

We have plans for a number of programmes:

Imposter Syndrome

Our first programme saw over 180 of the 7IM team join workshops on Imposter Syndrome. Led by our learning partners at Abstract, the sessions explored the reasons behind it, ways in which it can manifest itself and ideas for how to tackle it and reach your maximum potential.

I7IM Imposter

My Career Journey

Our next programme – My Career Journey – is focused on increasing the visibility of, and access to, senior females within the firm.

We run regular sessions with a different female from within the business, and give everyone the chance to hear how about how they have reached their current role, their experiences along the way and the advice they’d impart to those looking to do the same.

By understanding people’s journeys and seeing the challenges that they’ve overcome or how they manage their situations, we hope to show others what is possible and help them achieve their full potential.

I7IM Female Career

The Gender Equality Network SteerCo is made up of nine members from across the business. These are:

Image of Kate Hughes, Chief People Officer
Kate Hughes
Chief People Officer
Image of Duncan Walker, Chief Financial Officer
Duncan Walker
Chief Financial Officer
Image of Rose Hargreaves, Head of Marketing
Rose Hargreaves
Head of Marketing
Image of Uwe Ketelsen, Head of Portfolio Management
Uwe Ketelsen
Head of Portfolio Management
Image of Harriet Warren, Business Account Manager
Harriet Warren
Business Account Manager
Image of Steve Crichton, Head of IT Development
Steve Crichton
Head of IT Development
Image of Rehana Yasin, Senior People & Culture Partner
Rehana Yasin
Senior People & Culture Partner
Image of Daniel Wailing, People & Culture Assistant
Daniel Wailing
People & Culture Assistant
Image of Alzira Peres, Client Static Data and Documentation Administrator
Alzira Peres
Client Static Data and Documentation Administrator
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