The value of your investments and the income from them may go down as well as up, and you could get back less than you invested.

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Archived press releases



Q1 2018

28 March – 7IM Publishes Latest Scenarios: Four Potential Directions of Travel for Markets

22 March – Cash Flow Modelling – Are Advisers Making the Most of It?

21 March – 7IM: Green Eggs and Ham, Jargon and Sustainable Investing

21 March – ISA Deadline Ticking – But Is The Alarm Switched On?

13 March – 7IM: Spring Clean Your Finances in the Time It Takes For a Spring Statement or Record-Breaking Budget Speech

07 March – 7IM: Bull Markets Do Not Run Out of Steam - They Need a Catalyst

27 February – 7IM ISA Tips: Wrap Up Well for ISA Season

20 February – 7IM on Post 18 Education Review: “You Can Never Be Overdressed or Over Educated”

14 February – 7IM on US Inflation Data: We are in an Inflation Surprise World

14 February – Decumulation: 7IM Launches Retirement Planning Service for Advisers

07 February – Morning After The Day Before: 7IM Portfolio Actions in Wake of Yesterday’s Market Moves

06 February – Gong Xi Fa Cai: 7IM on China’s Year of the Dog - Crufts Winner or Poorer Pooches?

06 February – This Episode Has Not Yet Played Out and Could Well Involve More Wrenching Trading Sessions for Investors

31 January – Tax Planning: 7IM Share 5 Often Overlooked Areas

29 January – 7IM Increases Active Exposure in Multi Manager Range as Bull Market Approaches Tenth Year

23 January – Are Property Investment Companies Finally on an Even Radar With Open Ended Counterparts?

17 January – Buy American, Hire American?

16 January – Verona Smith Platform Blog: Competition keeps us all on our toes

10 January – 7IMs Year Ahead: America’s Political Ship Isn’t Likely To Capsize, But Nor Does It Have A Captain

09 January – MiFID II: The days of quid pro quo are long gone, and about time too

08 January – The Retirement Challenge: 7IM Host 12 Regional Adviser Roadshows

03 January – 7 Ways to Help Get Your Finances in Shape

03 January – Trump’s First Year: Will Casino Owner Land on Red or Black?

Q2 2018

28 June – 7IM on FCA Retirement Outcomes Review – Another Nail in the Coffin for Traditional Lifestyle Funds?

19 June – A Life less Ordinary? Over 50s Wrestle With Risk and Reward

19 June – Results of Seven Investment Management LLP (7IM) For the Year Ended 31 December 2017

06 June – 7IM’s World Cup Line-Up from the Multi Manager Team

04 June – 7IM Comments On Italy “The Scratch That Was Not Quite Itched” – With Multi Manager Views On Europe More Generally

04 June – Crisis Looms as Generation Approaching Retirement Struggles with Low Cash Returns and Increased Longevity

21 May – Ok Computer? 7IM on ‘Smart Beta’, Bull Markets and Why Sometimes A Human Has To Say “No”

18 May – 7IM: It’s A FTSE 100 Highness, Your Highness!

17 May – Seven Investment Management to Acquire Edinburgh Based Tcam

16 May – 7IM Launches SIPP

15 May – 7IM Blog: SATS, financial education and why it’s time for us all to get off our ‘Rs’

02 May – 7IM Money Thoughts as Royal Wedding Looms

01 May – Sell In May and Go Away, or Stay the Course?

27 April – 7IM Comments on HMRC Flexible Payments from Pensions Data

25 April – 7IM Receives Regulatory Approval for Jersey Office and Announces Team

25 April – School Fees, Long Term Care and Why You Should Know Your Own Inflation Number

18 April – 7IM on UK Inflation Data: Beaten Up or Better Off?

18 April – 7IM Q1 Platform Purchases: Is Sustainable Investing Hitting The Mainstream?

11 April – From losing sleep and holding nerve to flattery through imitation - 10 years of 7IM AAP Funds

10 April – 10 Years of 7IM AAP Funds - Passive Aggressive Strategies from Financial Crisis to Recovery


Q4 2017
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