Benefit from our funds thoughtfully managed and carefully shaped to meet different investment requirements and objectives.

You should make sure that you understand the risks of investing which include the possibility that your investment may fall in value. Further details of the risks are explained in our literature and throughout our website. 

7IM AAP Funds

These funds provide the advantages of an active approach to asset allocation (as with all the 7IM funds) and with significantly lower charges, vital in markets which are expected to provide lower returns than in the past.

7IM Multi Manager Funds

These funds are diversified across asset classes, regions and manager styles and incorporate both active and passive holdings.

Other 7IM Funds

These funds have very specific goals and each of these is outlined in the documents below.

7IM (Dublin) Funds

These funds provide access to our risk rated multi manger and asset allocated passive (AAP) investment strategies.