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Paraplanning support set to step up at Seven Investment Management

30 Sep 2016

Justin Urquhart Stewart, Head of Corporate Development


Structured sessions include introducing the role of market makers through to why there is a grasshopper perched over Lombard Street, and Bloomberg’s introduction to the role of data through to why the 1698 equivalent of Starbucks was vital to the development of the stockmarket.

London, 27 September 2016 – Seven Investment Management (7IM) today announced plans to expand its structured support and training programme for paraplanners in the last quarter of 2016 and into 2017 through the Paraplanner Pop Up Series.

The firm, which organises a number of events itself and is a key partner of The Paraplanners team Powwow events, among other initiatives, made the announcement as it hosted its first of three planned sessions for Q4 2016.

The first session is being hosted at 7IM’s and the London Metal Exchange offices today and sees 20 paraplanners join from 15 firms across the country. The second is being held on 27 October in Manchester and will see 60 participants attend – double the number originally projected due to demand from the sector. This second session is the first that 7IM will host outside London and is being run in conjunction with AXA and Liberty SIPP. The final event is on 15 November in London and participation will be limited to 30 paraplanners.

Justin Urquhart Stewart, Head of Corporate Development and co-founder of 7IM, stated: "Paraplanners provide a vital role in advisory firms, but because of their limited interaction with end clients, many even within the industry are not aware of the important role they play. Our programme is not just aimed at improving the technical skills and wider industry knowledge of the paraplanners we support. It also helps them improve their understanding of the needs of actual investors."

Each 7IM paraplanning training session is not just full of the usual industry ‘guff’. They typically involve a full day programme including an update on the investment markets, research from 7IM on important factors affecting retirement planning and an introduction into the risks that impact a financial planners’ clients beyond investment risk. 7IM also looks to introduce things that paraplanners would not usually get to see – like market makers or how Bloomberg works – and includes a short tour of the City with Justin. History is introduced with Justin’s personal coin collection to bring the accounts to life.

The event is also set up to allow the paraplanners the opportunity to meet and exchange views with their peers given the minimal number of events aimed at the segment.

Richard Allum, founder and managing director of The Paraplanners team with whom 7IM partners for the Powwow events, added: "Paraplanning and paraplanners have never had such a high profile and demand for high quality practitioners is outstripping supply. At the same time, paraplanners themselves have a strong desire to improve standards because they want to and not because they have to."

"High quality CPD events focussed on and understanding the role of the paraplanner have become more frequent in recent years with initiatives such as CISI & PFS Paraplanner Conferences and the Powwows which have benefited from 7IM’s support. It’s good to see that 7IM is stepping up its own events now for the paraplanning community and I’m looking forward to attending the one in Manchester."

In 2017, the firm is looking to expand on the Manchester experience and has plans to see up to seven events being held across the country with up to 30 participants per session.

Paraplanners interested in taking part can get in touch with Jamie Evans at


About Seven Investment Management: 7IM provides investment services to professional wealth managers, planners and advisers. These include:

  • Discretionary investment management with advice
  • A range of multi-asset portfolios
  • An investment and open architecture trading platform
  • A developed range of banking services
  • A fantastic app, 7IMagine, to bring the client portfolios to life.
  • 7IM – a story of Continuous Innovation

Since 7IM launched back in early 2002, it has pioneered a continuous stream of developments regarding how investment services are provided and charged for. We could just provide a list of our awards, but actually think it is more useful to tell you what we have done and what we have provided for clients and their planners - and there is still more to come.

  • January 2001 – First Sterling Online Wrap Account launched with ongoing Asset Allocation
  • January 2003 – First White Label live
  • January 2004 – 7IM OEIC live
  • July 2005 – 7IM Platform live
  • September 2005 – New 7IM Income Fund launched
  • February 2007 – 7IM Sustainable Balance Fund launched
  • December 2007 – 7IM gains its own FSA authorisation and new institutional investors
  • January 2008 – 7IM joins the London Stock Exchange
  • March 2008 – 7IM launches the AAP (Asset Allocated Passives) range of funds
  • October 2009 – 7IM introduces 3rd party multi manager funds into the DFM service
  • October 2009 – 7IM Personal Injury Fund launched
  • April 2011 – 7IM launches enhanced, ‘on-demand’ client reporting
  • January 2012 – 7IM Unconstrained Fund launched
  • June 2012 – 7IM launches Fixed Term Deposits
  • January 2013 – 7IM launches Asset Backed Lending
  • March 2013 – ‘7IMagine’ launched
  • June 2013 - Assets under Management pass £5bn
  • October 2013 – 7IM launches preferred SIPPs with DP Pensions Ltd and Carey Pensions UK
  • October 2014 – Assets Under Management pass £7bn
  • January 2015 – Assets Under Management pass £8bn
  • March 2015 – In partnership with AXA Wealth, 7IM announces preferred Offshore Bond offerin
  • June 2015 – Assets Under Management pass £10bn
  • February 2016 – 7IM launches My Future a new feature of the 7IMagine app which allows advisers and clients to enter the details of their existing savings and pension contributions, we well as spending expectations in retirement to identify when their cash will run out.

For more information, please contact: Justin Urquhart Stewart, 7IM

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The value of your investments and the income from them may go down as well as up, and you could get back less than you invested.
The value of your investments and the income from them may go down as well as up, and you could get back less than you invested.

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