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Q3 Global Investment Update 2016



24.06.16 - Tom Sheridan, CEO, and Chris Darbyshire, Chief Investment Officer, discuss the immediate aftermath of the UK population's decision to leave the EU.  Markets have reacted badly and we expect the Brexit vote to continue to heavily influence sentiment over the next few days.

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So despite the soap opera - what should we be doing? - 22.07.16

Phew, what a summer! From failed military coups, suspicious or otherwise, to political leaders changing, or not in Labour's case, and the economic uncertainty that results from Brexit.  ... More

UK Political Update - 18.07.16

After Andrea Leadsom's decision to pull out of the race, Theresa May was appointed Prime Minister on Wednesday bringing the Tory Leadership contest to an abrupt end. ... More

Q3 2016 Intermediary Investment Update - 13.07.16

Welcome to the new UK after its encounter with direct democracy. Currently, it's a shambles. No-one yet knows what 'Leave' actually means - there certainly wasn't any attempt to describe it on the voter slip. ... More

Currency Positioning - 13.07.16

Currency positioning has been helpful for us over the last few weeks, with our substantial allocations to non-Sterling currencies helping us to deliver positive results through the referendum period. ... More

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