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Our Investment Management Service for your families/clients with £200,000 or more to invest encompasses the breadth of our investment and banking options. Find out more.

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A range of risk-rated multi-asset funds for clients with £1,000 or more to invest. Find out more.

Wrap Platform

An award-winning Platform Service, offering you the widest possible choice of ways to deliver your range of investment propositions to your clients.  Find out more.

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Q3 Global Investment Update 2016


The Nasty Virus of Negative Interest Rates

05.08.16 - It has been like watching a virus spread or a creeping infestation, and now it has finally reached our shores in the UK. No…it is not the bubonic plague…nor are we being overrun by cockroaches, but rather the ruinous, financial illogicality that are 'negative interest rates'.

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UK Retail Sales - 25.08.16

July's UK retail sales rose 1.4% month-on-month, well above the consensus of 0.1%. The year-on-year growth rate increased to 5.9% from 4.3% in June, ... More

2015 Results of Seven Investment Management LLP - 16.08.16

On 7 September 2015, 7IM was acquired by Caledonia Investments plc. Consolidated Financial statements are prepared by Caledonia Thames Holdings Limited including its underlying subsidiaries Caledonia Thames Group Limited, Caledonia Thames Acquisitions Limited, 7IM Holdings Limited and Seven Investment Management LLP. ... More

A Puzzling Post-Brexit Bounce - 16.08.16

Consideration of Brexit still dominates market thinking in London - what it will really mean, what shape negotiations will take, when (if ever!) it will happen and what impact the lingering uncertainty will have on the UK economy. ... More

US Retail Sales - 15.08.16

July's US retail sales were disappointing given they remained unchanged and below the 0.4% consensus. Sales ex-automobiles meanwhile fell 0.3%, also below the +0.1% consensus.  ... More

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