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Q4 Global Investment Update 2016


The Nasty Virus of Negative Interest Rates

05.08.16 - It has been like watching a virus spread or a creeping infestation, and now it has finally reached our shores in the UK. No…it is not the bubonic plague…nor are we being overrun by cockroaches, but rather the ruinous, financial illogicality that are 'negative interest rates'.

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A steady outlook But watch out for the banana skins - 19.10.16

Investors' attention has been dominated by political risk recently. This is no surprise: while current polling suggests that a Trump win looks unlikely  ... More

Key Information Overview - 18.10.16

A hard Brexit scenario is not likely to benefit the consumer, despite rhetoric from the popular media that Mark Carney's statements are purely a pursuit of the Project Fear agenda. ... More

Political Uncertainty Dominates Markets - 14.10.16

London, 13 October 2016 - Seven Investment Management (7IM) today published its Q4 2016 investment update and outlook on the back of a summer of significant events in the UK. ... More

Key Information Overview - 11.10.16

Prime Minister Theresa May's statements from the Conservative Party Conference appear to be taking the party firmly into the centre ground. ... More

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