The value of your investments and the income from them may go down as well as up, and you could get back less than you invested.

Onshore/offshore bonds on the 7IM Platform

7IM does not provide its own bond, but you can set up a 7IM account with either an onshore or offshore bond provider. The bond provider will be the main point of contact for most of the administration. However, the 7IM platform will be the investment hub.

Onshore bond

We have a partnership with Countrywide Assured who provide the onshore bond. Visit the Countrywide Assured website where you'll find all the documents you need to open the bond.


Bonds themselves cannot be transferred, only kept or surrendered, and it is often undesirable to surrender a bond because of all the tax consequences, particularly if the bond is held within a trust.

The assets held within an open architecture offshore bond can usually be transferred to 7IM. Therefore, you can retain an existing bond product, and any associated trust arrangements, and simply transfer the underlying assets from their current custody (e.g. with another platform or discretionary investment manager) onto our platform where you can manage them and they can be included in the client’s reporting.

7Imagine Devices


7IM accounts linked to an offshore bond will be included in the client’s quarterly statements and visible on the 7IM Client Portal and 7IMagine app.

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