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Key dates and support for 2023-24 tax year-end

With the tax year-end (TYE) fast approaching, this dedicated information hub provides you with the key dates as you plan for this busy time of year, and ensure your clients don’t miss out on any various tax allowances.

These dates are provisional and subject to change
Date/Time7IM Investment accountTypeDetails
Thursday 14 March 2024SIPPWithdrawalsCut off to receive a taxable income instruction (where income tax is calculated this Tax Year) where sales have been placed.
Tuesday 26 March 2024AllStock MovementsCut off for instructing stock transfers between clients. Please allow longer if sales are required once stock has been moved.
Tuesday 26 March 2024SIPPContributionsLast date for receipt of cheques into an existing 7IM SIPP, remembering the 7IM SIPP Top Up Contribution form is required.
Wednesday 27 March 2024SIPPWithdrawalsCut off to receive single PCLS instruction in order to Crystallise in this tax year where cash is already available.
Wednesday 27 March 2024AllAccount openingLast date for receipt of account opening forms and accompanying documentation for JISAs, Junior SIPPs, Trusts, Corporates & Partnerships, POA cases, Charities, Court Appointed Deputies and Accounts with non-GBP Reporting.
Wednesday 27 March 2024 (11:00am)ISASubscriptionCut off for sales to be placed within GIA, for manual ISA subscriptions. Cash movement will need to be processed by 2:00pm on Friday 05 April.
Wednesday 27 March 2024 (2:30pm)ISASubscriptionCut off for ISA subscription done online using Bed & ISA tool (even if just using cash in GIA).
Tuesday 02 April 2024ISASubscriptionCut off for receipt of cheques by 7IM, accompanied by instruction to subscribe into 2023-24 ISA.
Tuesday 02 April 2024AllStock movementsDeadline for instructing Stock Movements on platform
Thursday 04 April 2024AllAccount openingCut off for Account Pack declarations to be uploaded into platform for new GIA, ISA & SIPP clients. Cash must be received by this day.
Thursday 04 April 2024ISASubscriptionLast date for receipt of cash into GIA.
Thursday 04 April 2024SIPPContributionsLast date for receipt of electronic payments into existing 7IM SIPP, remembering the 7IM SIPP Contribution form is required.

To avoid funds being returned to source, please make sure that ONLY the 7IM account number (eg IMF0ABCY) is included in the payment reference field. No other information (such as the client’s name) should be included.

Note that we only ever use the number zero ‘0’ and not the letter ‘O’ in the reference number.
Friday 05 April 2024 (11:00am)GIASalesDeadline for placing of sales with GIA for realising CGT (for funds that price at midday or after).
Friday 05 April 2024 (2:30pm)ISASubscriptionBy 2:30pm – ISA subscription done online using Cash Movements tool.

2023-24 Tax Year ends.

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