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7IM Sustainable Balance Fund

We've been running the 7IM Sustainable Balance Fund since 2007 - a long period in an area where many funds are not able to boast such an extended track record.

Many people are worried about global warming and the future of the planet. The media and politicians talk about the environment, human rights, inequality and the responsibilities of business. And there is good reason to believe that ESG –environmental, social and governmental – issues can influence company and investment returns in the long run.

7IM Sustainable Balance is designed to invest in companies that demonstrate positive and sustainable conduct.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Constructing the portfolio

At the heart of the 7IM Sustainable Balance portfolio are three rigorous processes we use across all our funds and products. We believe these processes provide the fundamentals of a well-diversified investment portfolio.

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA)
Setting the long-term plan
Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA)
Finding opportunities to enhance returns
Family Future
Risk Management
Management of risk is an integrated and active part of the investment decision-making process

Onto these robust foundations, we apply our responsible investing approach

What we include
Companies showing positive ethical conduct on, e.g. environment, labour practices, human rights, and corporate governance.
We also include
A ‘theme universe’ of future growth areas that are driving investment returns long term: Ageing, automation, climate change, digitalisation, evolving consumption.
What we exclude
Companies in acceptable industries that behave badly, with poor records on, e.g. environment, labour practices, human rights and corporate governance.
We also exclude
Companies with more than 10% revenue exposure to: Adult entertainment, alcohol, arms, gambling, GMOs in agriculture, nuclear power generation and tobacco.

What difference could your client's investment make?

When considering what difference an investment in the 7IM Sustainable Balance Fund will have, we look at the reduction in carbon compared to an investment in a global equity index.

ESG Appetiser
Where can you invest in the 7IM Sustainable Balance fund?

You can invest in the 7IM Sustainable Balance fund via the 7IM Platform as well as a number of leading investment platforms.

If the investment platform you use is not listed, please get in touch with our team

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