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Happy Regulator Article

Are regulatory burdens getting you down?

Financial markets are evolving and are now more sophisticated than ever before. And as such, regulatory demands are increasing.

Regulators require more data and on a more regular basis as they look to increase transparency in the market and ensure clients are being treated fairly. However, this hefty process severely eats into advisers’ valuable time. But not only that, navigating this evolving regulatory landscape and understanding what needs to be reported and when can be a tremendous challenge in itself, particularly for those running their own model portfolios.

A crucial aspect of the ‘keeping the regulator happy’ equation is ensuring that clients are in an appropriate risk profile. Each individual is different and which category they fall into will all depend on one’s risk appetite, personal circumstance and life stage. Not only that, but advisers running their own model portfolios then have the tremendous task of ensuring that their client stays within that chosen profile while constantly adjusting and rebalancing portfolios, often across a range of platforms.

So, how can we help?

We’re used to these requirements and are set-up to respond. At 7IM, we already conduct extensive due diligence on every investment we make. And we already have clear governance structures in place, alongside robust record-keeping processes, to ensure that all decisions are clearly documented and readily available for the regulator, should they request them.

We have a dedicated team of experts running our Model Portfolio Service, and experienced investment and risk teams working alongside them. Our processes ensure that when making adjustments, clients do not inadvertently end up in a category carrying more risk than they should be exposed to, therefore satisfying the regulator and keeping in line with the criteria set by the adviser and their client.

So, are regulatory burdens keeping you down? Are you keeping the regulator happy? We’re acutely aware that doing so is no easy task and that’s why selecting the right investment manager is crucial. 7IM has been running model portfolios – both our own, and on behalf of advisers – for over a decade, meaning we are well versed in meeting all regulatory obligations and staying ahead of the curve in the space. Find out more about the 7IM Partnership Model Portfolios.

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