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How ‘green’ is the 7IM Platform?

2 min read
07 Dec 2023

Not everyone would agree our brand colours are green; we call them green, the creative types call it teal! But when it comes to the environmental impact of our platform, at 7IM we accept no other colour or approach.

Sustainability isn’t just important for investments, it should be integral to the operation of a business. This is why at 7IM we are taking the following steps to help reduce the environmental impact of our platform:

  1. All electricity used in our new London office comes from 100% renewable sources
    1. This includes all our IT equipment and our local network servers.
  1. All electricity used by our data centre partners comes from 100% renewable sources
    1. This includes the servers used to host and power our platform
    2. They are also committed to reducing their carbon emissions by 50% against all scopes by 2030 and aim to achieve at least a 90% emissions reduction in line with the worldwide net zero commitment by 2050 under the SBTI Net-Zero Standard. Any remainder will be offset by supporting carbon removals.
  1. We have reduced the power consumption of our own IT equipment (and any power used comes from 100% renewable sources anyway). This includes:
    1. Reducing the number of IT communications rooms from four to two
    2. Replacing the equipment in those communications rooms with newer, more efficient equipment
    3. More hybrid working means no staff workstations left on continuously (we have removed 250 workstations and 650 monitors)
  1. We offset any remaining carbon emissions created by our business (this offsetting is included in our business accounts)
    1. This includes emissions from business travel (car, train and, where absolutely necessary, plane)
    2. We support the World Land Trust – specifically the World Land Trust's local partner FUNDAECO, which protects critically threatened tropical forests through its REDD+ Project for Caribbean Guatemala: The Conservation Coast. The project supports local landowners and communities in registering and obtaining land titles to protect threatened areas of coastal forest, for the benefit of the region’s incredible biodiversity.

Thinking of sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in doing the right thing, a value that underpins every decision we make. So for us, thinking green is much more than telling the story to our stakeholders, including our investors, that we’re doing it. We’re doing it because the world needs us to do it.

We hope all these steps we’re taking reassure you, and your clients, that we take this seriously and are actively doing things to protect our environment.

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