The value of your investments and the income from them may go down as well as up, and you could get back less than you invested.

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Retirement Income Solution

Feel confident that your clients’ money should last the distance and can adapt to the ever-changing world with our Retirement Income Solution – managed by you, underpinned by our robust methodology.

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Give clients confidence in changing circumstances
Easily show them how their future finances will look, whether they want to take a lump sum or increase their income.
Maximise growth by making the most of time
At retirement, clients have their biggest pots yet. Make the most of that by keeping long-term buckets in higher-risk assets, and balancing it out with short-term cash.
Reduce the impact of market fluctuations
Timing the market is near impossible. By having two years' worth of cash, clients are protected from the ups and downs and can ride out turbulent times.
Protect Income
Show clear, client-friendly indicators of success
Strip back the technical detail, and show clients easy to understand visuals of how their money will last.

Reassuring clients

In uncertain times, clients look to you for answers. Will I run out of money? Can I afford to help out the children? How are the markets affecting my pension? There’s a lot running through their minds. When you build a client’s financial plan, you want to give them clarity, certainty and flexibility.

The 7IM Retirement Income Solution lets you do just that. Designed to give flexibility and clarity, it allows you to easily model their drawdown across various levels of income and timeframes, then provides client-friendly visuals to show them the likelihood of their money lasting, as well as the range of possible outcomes.

Keeping you in control, it shows the optimal split across tax wrappers and timeframes, and allows you to place the investments across a choice of providers.


How does the Retirement Income Solution work?

The 7IM Retirement Income Solution uses a bucketing approach to manage income over multiple time horizons, as well as multiple tax wrappers.

On the 7IM Platform, you enter details around your client’s income requirements, timeframe and current position.

Your client’s inputs are then overlaid with additional and more complex inputs and assumptions, to create a model that provides a level of probability as to how likely their money would be to last for their full retirement.

You can then choose to test different possibilities, or generate a clear, client-friendly report ready for your discussions with them.

Once you’re happy, you place the trades yourself on our platform, choosing from a range of providers.

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Prefer us to manage it for you?

We know that for some, placing and managing the trades themselves may be a distraction from the day- to-day of time with clients. For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, our discretionary team also offer our Retirement Income Service. The same robust income, but managed by our own team to give you back time to focus on what’s important. Contact our team on 0203 823 8829 or run a quick Retirement Income quote via our calculator today.

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