While 2010 feels like just yesterday, consider how much has changed. Phones now allow you to access your bank account with your face, share updates with thousands of followers and order lunch in just a few swipes. Watches tell us how well we slept. Phrases like deep fake, uberisation and virtue signalling didn’t even exist just a few years ago.

But now these things are the norm.

So what will the next decade bring? What are the trends that are going to revolutionise the world we live in today? And where do we need to adapt to avoid sliding into obsolescence alongside former big names like Blockbusters and Kodak?

Change should be embraced as an opportunity. Join us for the 20/20 Vision 7IM Summit where we’ll be bringing together thought-provoking theories and fascinating speakers to arm you with tools and ideas for the new decade.


Choose from 15 venues across the UK throughout January and February 2020.

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