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7IM Gives Back

From national charities across the UK to smaller local community projects, the 7IM charity programme – 7IM Gives Back - is committed to supporting causes with the aim of reducing inequality.

7IM and the 7IM community have been committed to supporting charities and charitable projects for a long time. Since 2017, we have donated over £120,000 to a range of charitable causes, through donations, fundraising and our community spirit!

Our initiatives

Payroll giving
We have a payroll giving system that allows our team to support charitable causes they care about, in a tax efficient way.
Investing Children
Matched funding
7IM pledges to match any donations for any fundraising carried out by our team, up to £500 per application.
Volunteering opportunities
Volunteering leave is available for every member of the 7IM community to support a charity of their choice.
Speech Bubbles
Get in touch

Want to find out more about how 7IM can support your charity? Drop us an email using the address below.

Charities 7IM are supporting this year

Under One Sky charity logo

Under One Sky

Under One Sky is a homelessness charity based in London, working with individuals to build a human connection through friendship and compassion. Founded in 2012, they distribute food, drink, and much-needed essential supplies to those who don’t have a safe place to call home, but their priority is providing nourishment for the soul.

Visit the charity website

Rowan Alba charity logo

Rowan Alba

Rowan Alba is a homelessness charity, helping to support marginalised and misunderstood people in Scotland, to find them a home for life. Founded in 2004, they have created a set of strategically designed services which are effective in coping with the human impact of unsuitable services or policies, working to address the root causes of homelessness in the communities.

They do not try to ‘fix people’ or apply rules to them. They see every person and their journey as unique and only seek outcomes that are right for them.

Visit the charity website


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