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The Sustainability Committee

Stewardship and responsible investing at 7IM are ultimately managed by the Sustainability Committee, which was set up in 2020. The Sustainability Committee reports to ExCo.

The Sustainability Committee’s responsibilities include: i) to act as guardian of the 7IM Stewardship Code; ii) to review and recommend changes to 7IM’s sustainability strategy and policy, to ensure that standards of business behaviour are up to date and reflect best practice; iii) to introduce to 7IM best practice thinking and ongoing awareness of global developments in sustainability and corporate social responsibility; and iv) to make sure the 7IM culture is respected and advanced across the firm.

The Sustainability Committee is increasingly focusing on the outcomes of our stewardship and ESG activities, as required by the UK Stewardship Code.

Our Sustainability Committee:

Russell Lancaster, Managing Director, Platform and Intermediary Partnerships
Chair: Russell Lancaster
Managing Director, Platform & Intermediary Partnerships, ExCo member
Agustin Fernandez, Managing Director, Corporate & Strategy Development
Agustin Fernandez
Managing Director, Corporate & Strategy Development, ExCo member
Chris Phillips, Chief Transformation Officer
Chris Phillips
Chief Transformation Officer, ExCo member
Duncan Walker, Chief Financial Officer
Duncan Walker
Chief Financial Officer, ExCo member
Gabby Beare, Financial Controller
Gabby Beare
Financial Controller
George Montgomery, Risk & Compliance Manager
George Montgomery
Risk & Compliance Manager
Image of Glen Steven, Head of Office Services and Facilities
Glen Steven
Head of Office Services and Facilities
Jack Turner, Head of ESG Portfolio Management
Jack Turner
Head of ESG Portfolio Management
James Ashcroft, Corporate & Strategy Development Director
James Ashcroft
Corporate & Strategy Development Director
Image of the 7IM logo
James Lowe
Head of Intermediary Intelligence and Analytics
Jana Sivananthan, Chief Risk Officer
Jana Sivananthan
Chief Risk Officer, ExCo member
Image of Kate Hughes, Chief People Officer
Kate Hughes
Chief People Officer, ExCo member
Katia OToole, Senior Legal Counsel
Katia O'Toole
Senior Legal Counsel
Kieran Cardozo-Smith, Head of Experience Design
Kieran Cardozo-Smith
Head of Experience Design
Liz Paradine, Chief Operations Officer
Liz Paradine
Chief Operations Officer, ExCo member
Image of Martyn Surguy, Chief Investment Officer
Martyn Surguy
Chief Investment Officer, ExCo member
Rose Hargreaves, Head of Engagement & Social Responsibility
Rose Hargreaves
Head of Engagement & Social Responsibility
Image of the 7IM logo
Sara Sehgal
Executive Assistant
Wenqian Zeng, Junior ESG Investment Analyst
Wenqian Zeng
Junior ESG Investment Analyst
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