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With the Brexit debate ongoing, many people naturally have questions about how ready we are and how our portfolios are positioned.

This page brings together all of our latest Brexit updates.

The view from our CIO

We are long term investors

11 October 2019 – Martyn Surguy, Chief Investment Officer

In our latest Investment Update, which you can read in full here, Martyn Surguy, Chief Investment Officer, reiterated that we are long term investors, and “not unduly concerned by the vagaries of the current political climate”.

Parliament prorogued, government by tweet and the polarisation of political debate. Has the political environment ever been more toxic or harder to understand? On the economic front growth is slowing, the current expansion is one of the longest on record and the world’s two largest economies are locked in a trade war with no obvious endpoint.

Perhaps surprisingly, we are not unduly concerned by the vagaries of the current political climate or the short-term oscillations of financial markets. We are long-term investors. The real danger of short-term uncertainties and fear is their ability to blow investors off course from the strategic positioning required to deliver their goals. When markets look wild, many investors are tempted to move to the sidelines and sit it out in cash.

This may feel comfortable for a while, but basing a long-term strategy on the almost impossible task of predicting short-term markets is not a recipe for success. Often it is difficult to reinvest that cash – if markets rise many prefer to wait as their negative views become entrenched, while if they fall many also prefer to wait fearing further falls. Both routes leave investors underinvested and sooner or later markets run away from them. Discipline and patience are the key to long-term returns. In our view the best way to navigate shorter term uncertainty is through holding a sensible spread of assets that can withstand most market conditions.

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