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7IM Short Thoughts: The real Big Apple

Chris Justham, Managing Director, Intermediary Solutions02 Jun 2023

Apple have surpassed £2.2tr in value. That is a very difficult number to get your head around. And the fact it’s only one company is even more astounding.

How does it compare to the FTSE 100? And can Apple stay this big forever?

Chris Justham, Managing Director, Intermediary Solutions, looks at this in more detail.


Here is a chart that Matthew shared the other day. Apple has surpassed £2.2tr. I kept saying dollars, by the way, there are a number of outtakes of this. Which is really impressive, by the way, in its own right. But the FTSE 100 is worth £2.1tr in total. That's Unilever, HSBC, BP, add them all together. And Apple is worth 5% more than all of these great big businesses.

I think what's even more crazy is if you look at their sales numbers, and that's because Apple, this is people like me keep going out and buying all their iterations of iPhones, generated £320bn worth of sales. Again, super impressive. Sure, FTSE £1.5 trillion worth of sales, five times more than that of Apple. Apple is worth more than FTSE 100.

So my question is this, and feel free to comment below: if I gave you a check for £2tr, what would you spend on? Would you hold one company that generated 320 billion? Or would you hold 100 that generated one and a half trillion? Answers below.

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