The value of your investments and the income from them may go down as well as up, and you could get back less than you invested.

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Family Office

A service designed to deal with complexity

Through integrated legal, tax, financial planning and investment management services, we can help protect families’ wealth across the generations.

Many families find the task of preserving wealth increasingly complex and time-consuming.

You have to balance the needs of different generations, manage diverse assets through the ups and downs of markets, and also navigate tax and legal requirements. You want enough income and liquidity to sustain your current lifestyle, while also protecting capital for future generations.

Adding to the complexity, you may have family members living in different jurisdictions, involved in family businesses, or going through relationship changes that could affect your wealth or succession planning.

These types of challenges and scenarios are exactly what our Family Office service is designed for.

Looking at your needs from every angle

The service is set up to provide sophisticated solutions in a way that offers you peace of mind and makes life simpler for your family.

We bring experts in four different areas – law, tax, financial planning and investment management – together in the room with you to manage your wealth holistically. The service is entirely personalised and we will tell you as much – or as little – technical detail as you want.

Support we offer you

Given that no family is the same, support we can provide varies, but typically we help with:

  • Wealth management, including tax-efficient investing, property and cash
  • Tax compliance and advice, including inheritance tax and tax planning relating to businesses, property or land
  • Protecting your assets and your family – anything from financial planning to legal advice
  • Succession planning, including inheritance, trusts and the handover of family businesses

Our contact with you

With all families, our first steps are to understand the goals, challenges and values, and different generations and family members. That enables us to set strategies that look after everyone’s interests – both short and long term.

Your family will have a dedicated manager who coordinates the work of our different specialists, and stays in regular contact with you to understand your needs and keep you informed. For simplicity and transparency, we have a single fee structure across all elements of the service.

In addition to an annual strategic review, we provide detailed, integrated reporting every quarter. You also have access to our Client Portal, giving you 24/7 access to investment reports and valuations.

Who the service may be suitable for

  • High net worth families looking for a tailored and bespoke service

  • Those looking to outsource the family’s financial affairs, including succession planning, tax planning, asset protection, investment management, financial and retirement planning, and philanthropy, all to be managed under one roof.

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