Fund Prices and Performance

As at 03 April 2020

We offer: asset allocated passive (AAP) and other 7IM funds. Our AAP funds are cost-effective, multi asset funds which use passive instruments. Our other 7IM funds are designed to address specific goals, such as country specific exposure. Use the filters below to find your fund.

Our funds will be priced daily on each business day.  A business day is normally a day when the London Stock Exchange is open but, in relation to the 7IM Dublin funds, a business day will be when regulated stock exchanges in both Dublin and London are open for business.

Points to consider

  • Investment in the 7IM funds will not be suitable for everybody. However much we aim to improve the predictability of the returns that our funds achieve for investors over the longer term, there can be no guarantees; past performance is not a guide to the future.
  • The value of investments may go up and down and investors may get back less than they invested originally.
  • The specific details of the funds including investment policy, charges and the particular risks associated with the funds are explained in the Key Investor Information Documentation (KIIDs) and the Prospectus for the funds both available on our website.

Get started by using the filters below to narrow your search. 

Fund Name Unit Type Daily Change Price (£) KIIDs
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C Income Price (£) 1.295
C Income -0.12 % 1.295
C Accumulation Price (£) 1.532
C Accumulation -0.12 % 1.532
C Income Price (£) 1.230
C Income -0.30 % 1.230
C Accumulation Price (£) 1.502
C Accumulation -0.30 % 1.502
C Income Price (£) 0.921
C Income -0.94 % 0.921
C Accumulation Price (£) 1.599
C Accumulation -0.94 % 1.599
C Income Price (£) 1.318
C Income -0.27 % 1.318
C Accumulation Price (£) 1.561
C Accumulation -0.26 % 1.561
C Income Price (£) 1.136
C Income -0.27 % 1.136
C Accumulation Price (£) 1.417
C Accumulation -0.27 % 1.417
The value of your investments and the income from them may go down as well as up, and you could get back less than you invested.

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