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Fund communications

Important updates relating to the 7IM fund range, including the communications that we have issued to registered investors and our annual Assessment of Value reports, can be found here. If you are unable to find what you’re looking for or would like any assistance, please get in touch.


January 2023 – 7IM Select Adventurous Fund and 7IM Arden Fund Performance Comparator Benchmark Change

7IM has announced that the performance comparator of both the 7IM Select Adventurous Fund and 7IM Arden Fund has been changed from the ARC Steady Growth PCI to the ARC Equity PCI, effective from the 1 January 2023.*

Both Funds have been managed to 7IM’s Adventurous Strategic Asset Allocation, which has increased slightly in terms of its equity exposure and this exposure is unlikely to be reduced, therefore the ARC Equity PCI is now a more appropriate performance comparator for these Funds.

In order to accurately demonstrate performance over time, the Funds will show a performance comparator of ARC Steady Growth PCI up to the 31 December 2022 and the ARC Equity PCI from 1 January 2023 onwards.

There is no change to either Fund’s Investment Objective, Policy or Strategy, nor have their risk profiles changed.

*This is a correction from the notice published in December 2022.

March 2023 – Assessment of value report
September 2023 – 7IM Sustainable Balance Fund Investment and Policy changes

7IM has made changes to the wording of the 7IM Sustainable Balance Fund’s investment policy and strategy, effective from 15 September 2023.

The changes have been made following a review of the Fund’s documentation and disclosures in response to the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Guiding Principles on design, delivery and disclosures of ESG and sustainable investment funds.

Upon review, 7IM concluded that improvements could be made to the way in which the Fund’s investment process was described; in particular, being more specific about how the Fund achieves its ESG aims through the Fund’s investment policy and strategy and also how this is monitored and evaluated, and in turn, reported to investors.

7IM has also sought to further improve the ESG disclosures of the Fund by providing a clear link to the Fund Screening Document and the firmwide Stewardship policy.

These changes are clarificatory in nature and aim to further explain the Fund’s process and additional disclosures. These changes have not resulted from any change to how the Fund is managed, nor any change to the risk profile of the Fund.

November 2023 – Change of financial year end of 7IM Investment Funds

With effect from 30 November 2023, the financial year-end date of the 7IM Investment Funds will change to 31 May.

7IM has decided to make this change for greater operational efficiencies, aligning the financial year-end dates for all of the funds across our ranges.

To make the change, the Funds’ current annual accounting period from 1 December 2022 will be extended to last 18 months, rather than 12 months, ending on 31 May 2024. The half-yearly accounting date will change to 30 November each year.

Annual and half-yearly financial statements are normally published within four months of the end of each annual accounting period and within two months of each half-yearly accounting period and can be accessed on our website:


February 2022 – 7IM Mulgy Performance Comparator Benchmark change

7IM has announced that the performance comparator benchmark for the 7IM Mulgy ICVC Fund has changed from ARC Sterling Balanced Asset PCI to the ARC Sterling Equity Risk PCI effective from the 23 February 2022.

The Fund has been managed to 7IM Balanced Strategic Asset Allocation since 7IM became the Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) of the Fund in 2019. In discussions with the underlying investor in the Fund, 7IM will be altering the asset allocation to better reflect the underlying investors’ aims for the Fund and the investment time horizon, and therefore the Fund’s risk profile will be changing. This change will result in the Fund being managed to 7IM’s Adventurous Strategic Asset Allocation.

Due to the change in risk profile, the ARC Sterling Equity Risk PCI is now a more appropriate performance comparator for the Fund.

There is no change to the Fund’s Investment Objective, Policy or Strategy.

March 2022 – Assessment of value report
July 2022 – Prospectus changes to Fund Objective and Policies
August 2022 – 7IM Moderately Cautious and 7IM AAP Moderately Cautious change of IA Sector and Performance Comparator Benchmark

7IM has announced that as part of its annual Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) review and update, the 7IM Moderately Cautious and 7IM AAP Moderately Cautious funds, sub-funds of the 7IM Investment Funds umbrella, have been moved from the IA Mixed Investment 0-35% Shares sector to the IA Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares sector, effective 17th August 2022.

The two funds have typically sat at the upper end of the IA 0-35% sector, which permits funds with a maximum allocation to company shares (equities, including property shares) of 35%. The SAA review has seen a slight increase in exposure to these assets, meaning the funds could potentially invest beyond this limit, so 7IM have applied to the IA for the funds to be moved into the IA 20-60% sector, whose criteria for membership the funds already satisfy.

There is no change to the Investment Objective, Policy and Strategy of the funds, nor to their risk profile; however, to reflect the change of IA Sector, the funds’ Performance Comparator Benchmark as disclosed in the Prospectus and Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) is being updated to the following:

  • IA Mixed Investment 0-35% Shares sector until 16 August 2022 and then from 17 August 2022, the IA Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares sector

This is representative of the funds’ agreed risk profile and the type of assets in which it invests. It is therefore an appropriate comparator for the funds’ performance.


March 2021 – Assessment of value report
May 2021 - 7IM Dynamic Planner Funds Merger Investor Circular


March 2020 – Assessment of value report
December 2020 - 7IM Equity Value UK and EU Funds Closure Letter


December 2018 - 7IM Funds ACD Transition Investor Letter
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September 2017 - 7IM Unconstrained (to Real Return) Fund name and policy change
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February 2016 - 7IM Unconstrained Circular conversion NURS to UCITS
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