The value of your investments and the income from them may go down as well as up, and you could get back less than you invested.

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The ESG Investment Committee

Investment stewardship and ESG at 7IM are managed by the ESG Investment Committee, set up in 2020. It reports to the Culture and Sustainability Committee and to the Investment Committee, which is the senior decision-making body for all 7IM’s investments and is ultimately responsible for investment performance.

The ESG Investment Committee is based in the Investment Team and has six people. It includes representatives from every stage of the investment process at 7IM: Strategic Asset Allocation, Tactical Asset Allocation, Portfolio Management and Risk.

Our ESG Investment Committee:

Image of Jack Turner, Investment Manager
Chair: Jack Turner
Investment Manager
Image of Terence Moll, Head of Investment Strategy
Terence Moll
Head of Investment Strategy and ESG
Image of Uwe Ketelsen, Head of Portfolio Management
Uwe Ketelsen
Head of Portfolio Management
Image of Camilla Ritchie, Senior Investment Manager
Camilla Ritchie
Senior Investment Manager
Image of Christopher Cowell, Senior Quantitative Investment Strategist
Christopher Cowell
Quantitative Investment Strategist
Image of Alex Mitsialis, Performance and Risk Analyst
Alex Mitsialis
Performance and Risk Analyst
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